Welcome to the Electric Dynamite Network Tools website

Hello and welcome to this project's website.
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What is Electric Dynamite Network Tools (EDNT)?

Electric Dynamite Network Tools is a small PHP/AJAX website, that you can install on your webserver to make it a fancy* Looking Glass
* Well, fancy compared to other Looking Glasses ;-)

What is a Looking Glass?

A Looking Glass is a software, usually a website, that is used to get a view on the Internet from a certain point (the webserver) in the Internet.
This is most commonly used to trouble shoot routing issues or view the route back to some place (asynchronous routing). If you never heard of a Looking Glass, then you propably don't need one.

What licence does EDNT come with?

Electric Dynamite Network Tools is licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3. Please see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/

So, what else do I need to run this?

Basically what you need is a webserver with some kind of PHP5 running on it. You will need the following linux binaries (complete list to follow):
Besides that you have to be able to use sudo for some functions. You can also setuid the binaries, but I do not recommend that.
You will also need a BGP Router accessable using telnet. I am currently developing support for quagga, and will add support for Brocade/Foundry afterwards. This will propably make Cisco devices work too. I will add Junos syntax later. There might also be some Fortinet, but from there on I would need somebody to provide me access to a device for testing.

Sounds good! Where can I download it?

I am currently still working on the BGP module, which is propably the most important.
Once that is done I will most likely upload the first beta release.